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Logbook Servicing

Any new vehicle will come with a warranty that offers a certain amount of protection from expenses early in the vehicle’s life caused by manufacturer faults. To maintain that protection, it’s expected that your vehicle undergo regular logbook servicing, to discover any mechanical faults before they become more serious.

We can provide logbook servicing on all petrol and diesel vehicles, uncovering these faults and giving you plenty of advance warning to have them repaired as part of your warranty. You’ll also drive away comfortable in the knowledge your new vehicle is still protected.

To find out more, or to book your vehicle in for its next logbook service, give us a call today!

Parts and Products

At Scobies Service Centre we offer a wide range of replacement parts and products for truck and agricultural equipment, as well as a comprehensive range of oils and filters for a range of applications. We stock products from some of Australia’s most trusted suppliers, such as Fleetguard, Castrol, Trimble, Sparex, Bareco, Bepco, Scania, Volvo, John Deere, Iveco, Perkins, CAT, CNH, Paccar, Ryco, MAC, Detroit, Britax, and many more.

To find out more, or to book your vehicle in for its next logbook service, give us a call today!

Mobile Repairs

Wherever you are in the Ballarat area, one of our mobile repair vehicles can come to you, and get you up and running as soon as possible.

We can maintain a range of over 200km around our workshop in Ballarat, allowing us to help stranded drivers with breakdown repairs on trucks, earthmovers and farming equipment anywhere in Central and Western Victoria.

If you’re in need of emergency repairs, think of Scobie’s Service Centre and call (03) 5334 2150 for immediate help!

Steering & Suspension

A number of handling issues can be traced back to your vehicle’s steering and suspension. This is particularly vital for transport and logging vehicles, as the extra weight places greater pressure on your suspension and steering to remain on the road.

We’ll provide comprehensive service to your vehicle’s steering and suspension, from repairs to your vehicle’s power steering system to replacing key suspension components, whether your vehicle’s on coil springs, shock absorbers, leaf springs or airbags. We can also provide wheel alignment services to keep your vehicle tracking straight and true.

To find out more, talk to one of our staff today!

Clutch & Transmission

Problems with your transmission can cause enough problems with light vehicles; when you’re driving a heavier vehicle with as many as eighteen gears, an issue in your gearbox can only mean even greater headaches.

We can provide complete servicing of your vehicle’s drivetrain, from fixing faults in your clutch pedal and hydraulic lines, to repairs or complete replacement of your vehicle’s transmission unit, all out of our workshop in Ballarat.

If you’re having trouble getting your truck into gear, talk to one of our staff today!

Radiators & Cooling Systems

An overheating vehicle can be a major problem for a commercial or industrial vehicle, potentially leading to a breakdown. Every hour your vehicle isn’t on the road making a delivery is another hour it’s costing your business money. If you suspect your vehicle is overheating, pull over to the side of the road to let it cool down, and give our team at Scobie’s Service Centre a call.

We can provide and install replacement radiator and heater units, gasket heads, and thermostats, as well as replace hosing and conduct coolant flushes to clean out any remaining blockages or clogs that might interfere with your cooling system, all from one of our on-site repair vehicles.

For more information regarding our cooling system services, get in touch with our staff today!

Auto Electrical Services

Having an effective and efficient electrical system in place to power your vehicle’s various systems is essential to maintaining your vehicle’s health, as well as ensuring that our diagnostic tools can help locate faults in your vehicle more quickly and effectively.

We can also test and replace faulty or old batteries, alternators and starter motors, as well as install new lighting systems and other electronic accessories and features.

To discuss new electronic options for your vehicle, or to get a diagnostic scan, contact us today!

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services for customers in the Ballarat area, including:

  • pre-season servicing of agricultural equipment
  • quick and easy transfer of work to our factory with our tilt-tray tow trucks
  • 48ft dropdeck trailer for transport of agricultural equipment and oversize vehicles
  • licenced servicing and repairs of air conditioning systems
  • tract loader repairs
  • your local New Holland Service Centre for Ballarat

To find out what else we can do to keep your vehicle in business, contact us today!

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